block prints

These designs have been printed from carved sheets of linoleum (typically determining the design as I carve), which is then rolled with oil based relief ink and pulled through a press to print the image onto paper. I like to experiment with the colour, texture and design of an image, before eventually producing various small editions. I will also often hand paint elements with water colour. Click the images to see more details and variations.

ed RGB_0052 orange dots crop.jpg
ed RGB_0052_edited_edited.jpg
ed RGB_0026.jpg
ed RGB_0026 blue specks.jpg
DSC_4059 ed_edited.jpg
DSC_4059 ed sqare orange.jpg
DSC_4059 ed sqare blue.jpg
DSC_4059 ed sqare green.jpg
ed RGB_0130 blue crop.jpg
ed RGB_0075 crop.jpg
ed RGB_0028 green.jpg
ed RGB_0028.jpg
ed RGB_0028 red.jpg
ed RGB_0028 black.jpg
DSC_4091 ed.jpg
DSC_4077 ed.jpg
DSC_4104 ed.jpg
DSC_4104 ed blue.jpg
DSC_4104 ed orange.jpg

Lino block and quick mockup of next print based from sketch 

DSC_4122 ed.jpg